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04 September 2015 @ 08:14 pm
Taking orders for Shonentachi  

I am taking orders for the Shonentachi in Nissay goodies.
I can't buy too many goodies myself but if I can boost the sales by helping people get them then that's cool.

List of the goods :

Pamphlet 1500 yens

Bandana (with a badge) 1000 yens
2 versions : SixTONES and Snow Man

Clearfile 600 yens
15 versions : One for each member of SixTONES and Snow Man + Muro, Nishihata and Koji (Kansai Jrs)

Original Photoset 800 yens
12 versions : One for each member of SixTONES and Snow Man

Stage Photosets 800 yens

Two rounds.
For each round : 15 versions : One for each member of SixTONES and Snow Man + Muro, Nishihata and Koji (Kansai Jrs)

Price above is original price of the goods. You will pay the original price + packaging + shipping fees. (packaging and shipping will be seen case by case)
Payment method : Paypal.

What I'm planning is : You give me your order. I buy the goods. You pay the goods. I ship them. You pay shipping.
If your order is big I'll ask you to pay half of the price before I buy it.
I am planning to buy the goodies between 9/25 and 9/27. They should be sent from Japan during October.
I am from France so if some of you are from the EU and want me to sent them from France to get cheaper shipping you can try asking. It will depend on the weight of your order though. (it has to fit into my luggage...) If so it will be sent in November.

Deadline for orders is September 22nd.

Some previews of the goodies under the cut (mostly Snow Man sorry)

Bandanas (@0u0_mai)

Clearfiles (@win_junshotaroa)

(I have individual pictures for Snow Man's clearfiles)

Photosets (@

Pamphlet (@n_b_1159)

Please state clearly what you're willing to buy in a comment. I'll send you an MP about details.

Also I should be able to take orders for Johnny's shop pictures and send them together. You can try asking.
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Motusmotusama on September 5th, 2015 02:43 pm (UTC)
But this will make you pay 3 times. I wonder if the Paypal fee is higer when paying in 3 separate times or if it's the same as paying in one time?

Seems like the hachimaki was Johnny-san's idea. Because hachimaki is Japanese and it's kakkoii and we have to keep the Japanese culture. Okay cool Johnny-san but no ( ̄▽ ̄;)
Yeah I saw a picture of their outfits for the story, and I think Snow Man look quite good! The black outfits are cool (although orange stands out more xD) At first I thought the colors would be blue/red and I expected Snow Man to be blue so I was a bit disappointed with green but seeing that SixTones are orange, I'm happy with green xD (not fond of orange)

Yeah Monday off is most likely for SC. But I hope both the groups will be present and not just SixTones orz
himaorihimaori on September 5th, 2015 03:15 pm (UTC)
The paypal fee is high when we send large money. The more money we send, the higher the fee. And the fee is lowest when we top up our paypal account and using the money in paypal account to send money, otherwise when we use our credit card/visa card sending money through paypal, the fee is higher.

Lol, so it's Johnny-san's idea and why it is applied on our boys only.

Before the show started, I kept imagining the boys' role. At first, I thought that 6Tones' roles would be more leading than Snow Man, so Snow Man would take Ebi's roles. But I guess the story has changed a little bit. But I heard that on 6Tones side, Jesse and Taiga are main ones while on Snow Man side only Gan-chan is the main one. I'm quite disappointed at that coz I thought that Fukka would be main with Gan-chan.

My personal opinion is Snow Man's costumes look better than 6Tones coz the black and green costumes are cool. Moreover, the new costumes for their new song are also kakkoi, very stylish. Okay I'm biased. >.<

Yup, I hope that JE will let Snow Man join the recording for Shokura next Monday. I wanna hear their new song. So curious now. ZIG ZAG LOVE. I hope it'll be rock-oriented style.