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17 July 2020 @ 10:53 pm

Warning !
                                          Haha. Thanks Kya ♥

Welcome on my LJ !

I use Livejournal for fangirling (Johnny's) use, so this LJ is for my fangirling too. There may be some real life related things on it too but all my life is basically fangirling so it shouldn't make much difference 8D

I am a big fan of Snow Man. I am totally in love with Fukka.
Mis Snow Man will forever be the best in my heart. I'm concentrating on Snow Man but I still love Nozawa and Sanada.
I'm basically a Jr fan, and love the chibi jrs no me not pedo, Yasui, Myuto, Bakarea guys, many others. I have a lot of affection for the whole MAD-family and Kansai Jr (esp 7WEST). I'm only active in the Jr fandom xD
But I also like a lot EbiKisu, HSJ and NEWS, T&T... and about every Johnny's.
I also know a bit of Amuse and K-pop... I don't really put much efforts in it, but I'm open-minded 8D
Ah, and BBJ made me fall in love with Sayurin and Nogizaka46 =D

I'm always complaining about Mis Snow Man, Fukka, Jrs, anything. Please pardon me.
I've been learning Japanese for 7 years now (wow!) so I can understand and speak a bit Japanese, but it's not incredible. That's why I can translate things if I try my best, but I can't do it easily 8D Ah, and English isn't my native language so sorry if I'm a bit tiring to read too.

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All this said... Enjoy your stay 8D

17 December 2017 @ 04:08 pm
Thanks to hikabunny I've discovered the existence of portable scanners xD
So I've bought a cheap one and the quality is far from good (I don't know if it's just because it was cheap or if all those scanners are not good) but it's still better than nothing and I'm happy to be able to have my pics on my computer again o/

FukkaaaCollapse )
This is one of my favorites his smile is so cute and kind and I love him
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04 October 2017 @ 09:46 pm
I managed to make some scans at work the other day (well two months ago) so here you are xD I obviously didn't have time to look at the parameters so the quality is not very good but it's still okay

Kurie pics and street papapics

KurieeeCollapse )
Fukka's smile is way too cute idk what is he
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24 January 2017 @ 09:38 pm
Hello it's been a while
I've been living in Japan for almost one year now, yay.
It is very great to be able to see Snow Man a lot, I think as long as they're here (and I have a job) I'll stay in Japan /o/ It feels good to be able to see ALL their work (except for damn Kurie) at least once.
Anyway, I have bought a looot of papapics during this year, but I still don't have a scanner so I can't share ;__; (also wished to have them on my computer) The problem is not even money right now, it's space. My flat is too small I don't even know where I could put a scanner _(:3 」∠ )_
But I came back to France for Christmas and I happened to have some pictures with me by chance (I should have brought more but I didn't think about scanning at first) so here I have a few ! Johnny's Island official and papa pics
I still only have Fukka in my life btw, in case you were curious (nobody cares)

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10 December 2015 @ 03:31 pm
Not being able to summarize the story, I ended up translating everything. Good afternoon.

I am so qfdropqzethi over Tatsu-nii, everything is perfect about that character why don't I have a Tatsu-nii in my life  _(:3 」∠ )_

So I've translated the story behind Snow Man's photoshoot for With January 2016 issue. (I have only translated the parts related to Snow Man, not the fashion things)

Love and events are at their climax!Collapse )
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03 November 2015 @ 10:07 pm
Hey hey
I was in Japan last month (Shonentachi was great) to look for a job (Fukka was terribly handsome) and here I am back home to bring the usual pictures scan post of the year \o/ (I almost never post on LJ haha...)
To keep you updated, I actually managed to find a job, so in January I'll be flying to Japan to start working and living there! I'll be in Matsumoto (Nagano prefecture). Fukka will be so far away... ;~; Well I'll regularly go to Tokyo on weekends... 8D So yeah if you come by Japan and feel like seeing a bit of the countryside you're very welcome to come to Matsumoto =D
It will clearly be difficult to bring my scanner to Japan (I don't like my printer anyway D:) and I'll most likely have other more important expenses to do at first (like JW or Kabuki tickets) so I guess I won't be able to scan things for a while. I'll try taking pictures if useful... =(
So for this time :
 - Shonentachi : Shintaro (a present from a friend that bought lots of it xD) and Fukka clearfiles, Fukka all photosets, Miyadate stage photoset
 - Shop pictures : Kabuki in Singapore pics with Snow Man (+MADE because the pic was cool), random Ebi, HSJ, jrs
 - Papapics : Stopped looking at street papapics for reasons so only stage papapics (doesn't reduce the quantity anyway). All the Fukka (mostly Kabuki, Kurie, Shonentachi pictures) yeah some Snow Man as well. I've bought more Abe than usual actually. Maybe because I'm currently seriously considering marrying Abe. He's perfect I want a husband like him.

boku no kokoro wo moyashiteeeeCollapse )

Cutest baby of them all ♥
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04 September 2015 @ 08:14 pm

I am taking orders for the Shonentachi in Nissay goodies.
I can't buy too many goodies myself but if I can boost the sales by helping people get them then that's cool.

List of the goods :

Pamphlet 1500 yens

Bandana (with a badge) 1000 yens
2 versions : SixTONES and Snow Man

Clearfile 600 yens
15 versions : One for each member of SixTONES and Snow Man + Muro, Nishihata and Koji (Kansai Jrs)

Original Photoset 800 yens
12 versions : One for each member of SixTONES and Snow Man

Stage Photosets 800 yens

Two rounds.
For each round : 15 versions : One for each member of SixTONES and Snow Man + Muro, Nishihata and Koji (Kansai Jrs)

Price above is original price of the goods. You will pay the original price + packaging + shipping fees. (packaging and shipping will be seen case by case)
Payment method : Paypal.

What I'm planning is : You give me your order. I buy the goods. You pay the goods. I ship them. You pay shipping.
If your order is big I'll ask you to pay half of the price before I buy it.
I am planning to buy the goodies between 9/25 and 9/27. They should be sent from Japan during October.
I am from France so if some of you are from the EU and want me to sent them from France to get cheaper shipping you can try asking. It will depend on the weight of your order though. (it has to fit into my luggage...) If so it will be sent in November.

Deadline for orders is September 22nd.

Some previews of the goodies under the cut (mostly Snow Man sorry)

So happy about solo goods ;_;Collapse )

Please state clearly what you're willing to buy in a comment. I'll send you an MP about details.

Also I should be able to take orders for Johnny's shop pictures and send them together. You can try asking.
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29 May 2015 @ 08:08 pm
Hey hey

Snow Man's Kurie is over aah it's been 6 years I wish I could have been there but well, you get used to it. I hope Takichannel will have good parts of it though >< It would be the first time we can have some moving picture of Kurie with Snow Man as main ヽ(;▽;)ノ (so the last 3 years + 2010 with Ebi and They Budou)
So anyway that sounded like a lot of fun again, and I spent my time waiting for the on-day tickets numbers ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ I'm relieved they managed to beat their own record at the end! But they didn't beat Team A's and I feel like Team A will do even more for their last shows orz That's unfair. And that's unfair to have them on weekends when groups like Snow Man or They Budou can always only have week days!! I'm sure Snow Man would have beat them if their shows were on weekends and if it didn't rain!!! (yeah it's easy to change history with "if")
Well, it's not like big numbers changed much their situation last year. Seems like magazines got their eye on them thanks to it. But the agency doesn't care, they only want to push their favorite ones whatever others can accomplish.
But anyway!! Snow Man I love you =D

So, on to the real purpose of this post.
I was finally able to scan my pictures o/ So here you are o/ As usual I'm so sorry that I have so few of the other members o/

I don't like much Fukka's pictures though... D: Well, the clothes... I don't like green backgrounds either /o/
But the two double-peace pictures are my favorite ♥ Especially the second one ♥♥ so cute ♥♥

Ah, changing subject before the pictures, has everyone planning to see Kabuki's Singapore shows got their tickets ? :D

Snow MaannnCollapse )

Aah so cute ♥
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04 May 2015 @ 10:13 pm
Happy Birthday Fukka ♥

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01 March 2015 @ 03:52 pm

I scanned some shop pictures I got recently~
All of Rikuto's pitures (solo+group) from the giant Jr release of the other day and then random Snow Man from the Dream Boys offshots. DateSaku are the only ones I didn't find scans for their pictures and I only bought one for each. orz
I only discovered now that scanning in 400dpi would remove the off colors of scanning... I wish I had realized earlier o/ So yeah beautiful scans =D You can remove the dust by yourself =D *zbaff*

yeahCollapse )
Sans titre4
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