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10 December 2015 @ 03:31 pm
With 2016.01 - Snow Man translation  
Not being able to summarize the story, I ended up translating everything. Good afternoon.

I am so qfdropqzethi over Tatsu-nii, everything is perfect about that character why don't I have a Tatsu-nii in my life  _(:3 」∠ )_

So I've translated the story behind Snow Man's photoshoot for With January 2016 issue. (I have only translated the parts related to Snow Man, not the fashion things)

There are actually two stories, one for each girl. You have Aoi (pants type) with Fukka, Iwamoto and Miyadate, and Ayami (skirt type) with Abe, Sakuma and Wanabi.
I suggest to read the translation with the scans (or magazine) open, to keep up with the pictures corresponding (more interesting and understandable like this).

Btw, if there are some missing days, I think it’s because there weren’t pictures of Snow Man on those pages so they haven’t been scanned. It’s possible that there are some pieces of story missing.

As usual, I don't know how to English, please pardon me. If you don't understand something or spot a mistake please tell me.

Aoi story

Aoi : 23 years old, working in an IT company
Working in a rising IT company, with its office in a skyscraper of Tokyo. She’s the secretary of her boss because she’s good at giving attention but she’s actually a spoilt only-child. She has a one-sided love for her neighbor Tatsu-nii [how she calls Fukka], but he won’t see her as more than a little sister so lately she’s in a giving up mode.

Fukka : Childhood friend of Ami, living in the house near hers. Their families get on well, he’s one year older than her and has always looked after her like a big brother. He’s a primary school teacher. She’s always had a crush on him.
Iwamoto : Newcomer in the IT company Ami works in (her kouhai). He’s enthusiastic and stoic at work, but tends to take all the responsibilities by himself. He’s a bit cheeky but has a cute side.
Miyadate : He’s Ami’s direct boss. He got promotions fast in his career and is an elite currently in charge of developing a new website. He’s cool and skilled so she admires him.

Day 1 : Buying a smoothie for her busy boss
The preparations of the new website that will open next month are almost done. With the hard schedule he’s had lately, I’m worried about Miyadate-san’s health, who I’m the private secretary of. He said on the morning he prefers a smoothie to coffee.

Day 3 : Party in Miyadate-san’s house, to celebrate the completion of the new website
Invited to a home party, I am going to Miyadate-san’s house. My neighbor big brother Tatsuya has helped me bring foodstuff, but I didn’t expect him to participate…. (laugh) As a school teacher, Tatsu-nii can look after people and get on with anyone. Ah, Hikaru-kun is snitching food again~?

Day 4 : Oh mom, please stop in front of Tatsu-nii
After returning home, Tatsu-nii came share some food with us. I ran up to him when I noticed him, so mom said “ Aoi have always liked Tatchan right~”. Just when I was finally trying to give up.

Day 5 : Miyadate-san said “keep your evening free”. Is it a date?!
Just after coming to work, I check Miyadate-san’s schedule. When I informed him he could come back home early today, he told me “then keep your evening free as well. Let’s go eat together.” as inviting me for a date (?).

Day 6 : Clearing up all the food eaten yesterday by going to work by bike
Yesterday Miyadate-san told me “tell me what you want to eat, I’ll take you to a good place”, so he treated me to the famous aging beef [not too sure about what it is sorry] ♡. He got excited because he wanted to try it as well.

Day 7 : He can drink black?? He’s so cheeky~!
Because of a problem with the new website, we had to do an emergency meeting. When I asked “Hikaru liked coffee with milk and sugar right?” he replied “I can drink black coffee now”. Here he is, pretending to be an adult. (laugh)

Day 12 : Going to Miyadate-san’s private office to give him documents. When I was leaving…
When I tried going back, being called by Hikaru-kun, my arm was pulled from behind. “Leave him alone. Your job is to support me.” said Miyadate-san forcibly, when he’s usually so calm!
Bubble : “support only me”

Day 13 : Going to work in a full bus. Tatsu-nii, would you be protecting me?
The bus is full of people, it’s tight (sweat). Aah it’s hard… wait, today isn’t tight?! Tatsu-nii, would you be guarding me? “Aoi is a girl as well, so be careful”. He’s as kind as usual ♡
Bubble : “why is my heart pounding?”

Day 14 : Going to greet our clients. Eh, my- my hand!
During the greeting of the end of year, we’re going to our clients’ with Hikaru-kun. “Aoi-senpai, I’ll take your luggage. Ah, the traffic lights will change!” he says, suddenly taking my hand in the middle of the crossing. Doki doki ♡
Bubble : Senpai, hurry!

Day 15 : Going to a snowboard trip the 4 of us ♪ “the snowman is complete!”
Having fun with Hikaru-kun, playing with the snow. “Even though you’re always mature, you also have a cute side… Senpai, am I not good enough?” he said, giving me a snowman.
Bubble : “you’re too cute it’s annoying”

Day 16 : Eh, Hikaru-kun, they will hear you!!
Doing overtime to prepare the announcement of the new site. Hikaru-kun asked me for an answer to his confession… sorry! There is someone I have loved since I’m little and I can’t sort out my feelings. “I guess I am still a child. Maybe it was too sudden.” he says.

Day 17 : It’s finally the announcement! Going to the hall with Miyadate-san
Today is the press announcement. While going there, Miyadate-san tells me “I could hear your conversation with Iwamoto yesterday. I was aiming at you as well (laugh)”. Is that an adult joke?!

Day 18 : I wonder which one will the neighborhood children like?
I became responsible of the presents in the Christmas party organized every year in the neighborhood, so I’m going shopping with Tatsu-nii. He told me that I’m going to fall if I don’t look in front of me, is he still treating me as a child?! (angry) “I’m not treating you like that! I told you I see you as a girl.” replied Tatsu-nii.

Day 19 : Tatsu-nii, it’s somehow like a wedding greeting?!
When I came back home, Tatsu-nii was coming to eat. He asked my mother “can I borrow Aoi for Christmas?” Why?! (dokidoki ♡)

Day 20 : I can’t even see the illuminations ♡
We used to spend Christmas with our two families, but this year it is just Tatsu-nii and me ♡ “I’ve always cared about you” Tatsu-nii said, fixing my stole taken by the wind. “I’ll take care of you. I’m telling you, but it’s not as a childhood friends.” I wouldn’t have expected my wish to be granted at Christmas ♡
Bubble : “Here, you will catch a cold”

Ayami story

Ayami : 26 years old, member of the development department of a food making company
In the instant developing team, she’s responsible of the development of the cup ramen “Snow Men” [“men” means “noodles”] She is in charge of training the newcomers and is tired everyday by her two kouhai boys. She has a lot of guy friends and meets a lot of people, but she’s not been in loved for 2 years.

Abe : He’s getting attention as a future ace. Newcomer in Ayami’s company and her kouhai in the same team. As a science guy, he’s good with mechanics and weather but weak to girls.
Sakuma : Ayami’s kouhai from the same team as well. He’s like a cute little brother full of energy and is attached to her. He has a weird side but he works hard and is loved by everyone.
Shota : Working in the sales department of Ayami’s company, he entered the company at the same time as her. He’s a popular guy with a lot of rumors with girls but he gets along well with Ayami. He does his work properly.

Day 1 : Today was his birthday, right? Maybe I should buy flowers ♪
I have been chosen to be the sub-leader of the team developing “Winter limited ☆ Snow Men”. I also have to train the two newcomers, I have to do well! While I was going to work with motivation, I remembered today was Abe-kun’s birthday, so I stopped by a florist.

Day 2 : Buying ingredients in the supermarket.
Today is a nabe party to celebrate the creation of the new team. While I was getting tired of the playing of the two youngsters, even Shota joined them. Shota from the sales department is well-known in the company to be popular. That ability to get into the mood is what make girls like him. [doesn’t make sense I’m sorry]

Day 3 : Tasting the prototype of Snow Men. Hmmm not that good!!
When I was giving up, Abe-kun said “I’ll calculate the golden ratio of the taste”. He was rumored to be very skilled, but he’s really amazing!

Day 4 : When I remembered the meeting, I couldn’t help laughing
During the evening meeting, Sakkun suggested with energy “me, mee! I want to do a collaboration with anime, and print a character on the naruto [you know the kamaboko thing in ramen]

Day 5 : I want to put the drawing of a snowman on the package
According to Abe-kun’s suggestion, we will put a drawing on the package, so I am calling a designer. I had forgotten what the drawing looked like so when I tried to take a look at it, he ran away, saying “when senpai gets close my heart starts pounding”. What are those straight words?!

Day 7 : Sakkun misplaced an order?! Even if you act like a child it won’t change!
We got a call from the plant saying that the ingredients for the new prototype haven’t arrived yet. Sakkun you musn’t make a mistake even if they are “vegetables that you hate”! While we were going to buy the vegetables, he said “Ayami-senpai you are so kind, I like you ♡”. The ingredients are still missing it’s a problem…

Day 12 : I can’t remember how to use the copy machine!!
I tried to copy the documents for the presentation tomorrow but it doesn’t work at all! I was troubled to Abe-kun came to help. “You press this button, then this… Senpai, are you listening?” Eh, sorry (you are too close I am nervous~)
Bubble : Senpai, you aren’t good with the machines right

Day 13 : The presentation went well! While coming back….
The presentation went well so we were coming back in good moods when Shota whispered in my ear “to celebrate the success of the presentation, what about going out together once in a while?”. Eh? “shh” Eh, is it a secret to the kouhais?
Bubble : “It is a secret to them”

Day 14 : Sorry, today I’ve drank too much
I always end up being made to drink during the year-end parties…ZZZ “are you okay? That kind of things, if it weren’t me it could have been dangerous”. I wake up suddenly. “I can’t guarantee for next time though” says Sakuma seriously. Wait, that’s weird. My heart is pounding.
Bubble : “Senpai, you are too defenseless. You know I am a man too?”

Day 15 : Going ice-skating with Shota. Wait, why are those two…?!
After helping me when I was about to fall, Shota told me “I need someone like Ayami. Let’s start dating seriously.” At that moment Sakkun passes by my head… “Sorry. There is someone I appreciate right now.” Mh? Those two followed us?

Day 16 : They said the drawing of a snowman is appreciated by girls!!
That’s great Abe-kun! “leaving that aside, I am happy that you are smiling again. Today, you didn’t seem to feel good” This is because I was worried about being able to be friends again with Shota… Thank you for caring about me.

Day 17 : You say a surprise, but I can’t be surprised anymore (laugh)
Sakkun sent me a message saying “I have a Christmas surprise for Ayami-senpai.” Sakkun always gives me vitality.

Day 18 : I feel better now thanks to Sakkun!
Feeling good again, I was working quickly. Shota told me “if there is something you are feeling down about, you know I am always here for you.” I wonder if he’s being thoughtful, but I’m happy we could talk normally.

Day 19 : The new Snow Men are complete ☆ We’re going to put them in the stores!
The Winter Limited Snow Men that are finally complete today have a clam chowder taste! The people from the store have good reactions as well ♪ Eh, we’ll make a Summer Limited product as well?! We’ll be busy again.

Day 20 : “Here, a present! And a love letter”
During the company’s Christmas party, Sakkun gives me a surprise present. “Ayami-senpai I like you a lot! I also wrote you a letter” he said in the usual mood. Thank you. I like you too ♡ “Eh?! Once more please!!” I don’t want too~ (laugh)
Bubble : “I won’t put brakes anymore”

Off-shots (scans credits to yoshiko_mama)

We’ll show you secret cuts of Snow Man who did the photoshoot with all their might!
Above : The three who waited for the snow to be prepared for Day 15 despite being hot.
Below : Before the shooting of Day 3. Kind Abe was happy about the Snow Men accessories and said “we would have helped you make them”. Watanabe entered the bus refreshed saying “yesterday I went to sleep very early”.

For Day 3, Miyadate agitated constantly the fry pan, showing an admirable reversal. “Lately I made sweet-and-sour pork” as expected from him! Between the shoot, Iwamoto and Fukasawa start doing monoboke [that thing where you take something and try doing a joke with it] with the bell pepper. (Miyadate about Fukka’s monoboke : “this isn’t a piercing!”) During Fukasawa’s shooting, Miyadate showed consideration saying “He would be probably embarrassed if I’m here so I’ll go back to the bus”.

On the right : “I’m nervous” was saying Fukasawa during the shooting of Day 20. This is the winning pose he showed when it ended well. (Fukka : “I’ve sweated a lot~”)
On the middle : Miyadate the executive from Day 12 (but he has slippers on his feet). (Miyadate : “do I look good?”)
On the left : Watanabe “I’m pretty amazing on ice”. It was Abe and Sakuma’s first time skating but they mastered it right away, their physical ability is incredible!

Iwamoto and Miyadate that went on a date in Kamakura the day before. The pose they are doing is a dance movement from Snow Man’s original song “Zig Zag Love”. Iwamoto “I tried thinking about a movement everybody could do with us easily”. (Iwamoto : “I’m the one who made this pose”)

Abe and Watanabe losing interest after knowing only Sakuma has a happy end. Sakuma teasing them “you are only supporting characters so you can take it easy”.

1. Iwamoto and Fukasawa always good friends. “We’re business friends” [as in we pretend to be friends for business] they say, wiping their arms from each other as in 2., but even that pose is synchronized ♡ もぉ息ぴったり [please someone how do you say this in English?!? I'm lost]
3. “Eeeh what is that snow!” those two were really interested about it.
4. “My fixed position is here!” says Fukka, seating happily at the front. During the bus scene, Fukka was feeling very embarrassed to the staff saying “Tatsu-nii help me~”. “This makes the hurdle higher!”
5. Let’s go to the supermarket! This shot was taken by Abe. Sakuma was in higher spirits than anyone in the vegetables section.
6. A mischievous shot of the cool “Date-sama”. “He’s like family so being the one taking the picture is embarrassing too.” says Iwamoto, taking the picture.
7. is Iwamoto taking Miyadate’s picture. He also played the director, checking Miyadate’s solo cuts on the monitor and saying “the angle of your legs is not enough (laugh)”. “I have to practice (laugh)” says Miyadate.
8. This is only their first time ice skating but those two even managed to do a turn in the end. They showed us a perfect “AbeSaku Theater” for this cut, that needs a good physical condition despite being comical!
9. “I was very nervous last time and this time as well” says Miyadate. “My mother told be that the “agokui” was very strong”.
10. “He looks like he can work well” says Abe looking at Watanabe in suits.
11. The two are counterattacking “it is the accessory for Sakuma’s Christmas cut? Let’s eat it!!”
12. “Seems like the fans are wearing the clothes from the previous photoshoot!” says Iwamoto.
13. The very opposite always-cold Watanabe and always-energetic Sakuma.
14. Voices of admiration towards Miyadate’s cooking techniques.
15. “I’m happy that there are suits this time!” says Sakuma, acting cool!
16. Just before picking him up, Iwamoto instructed by phone “Fukka, wait in a funny way”. “I stayed like that for 5 minutes despite so many people going to work passing by!” says Fukasawa.
17. Abe helped us carry the cardboard boxes.
18. Watanabe pays attention to the staff so we can rely on him.
19. From early morning, Iwamoto achieved brilliantly the road crossing scene.

Snow Man Q&A
Q : What would you give the members for a Christmas present?
Fukka : A coupon for a shoulders massage.
Iwamoto : A snowman doll with the members’ colors.
Watanabe : A hand-written message by me. To someone I really love, I’m the type to be cold.
Miyadate : I’ll cook for them, making the dishes each of them likes the most.
Sakuma : A Christmas tree. A big one. I’ll steal the space in their house!
Abe : I’ll put all my love in a hand-knitted scarf. (laugh) At least one of them should thank me.

Q : If you start liking a girl in the work place, how will you appeal to her?
Watanabe : I’ll look at her until she notices me (I’ll make her notice). I’ll invite her to lunch.
Miyadate : On a day off, I’ll invite her by saying “I want to be with you just one day” and confess to her.
Abe : I’ll do my best at work and show her I can be relied on. I’m good with computers.

Q : What words would you give to a drunk girl?
Fukka : Can you properly go back? I’ll take you back home. (I don’t have a secret intention! I’m just worried)
Iwamoto : Keep it moderate. Because I’m the one that has to take care of you.
Watanabe : At what time are you getting up tomorrow? I’ll give you a call.
Miyadate : If something happens, tell me. I’ll help you.
Sakuma : Do not make a defenseless face. Or I’ll kiss you.
Abe : Let’s go breathe the air outside. (casually making it only the two of us)

Q : What are the news lately?
Iwamoto : Fukasawa looked in the mirror and said “I’m cool”. (seems like it is a self suggestion)
Watanabe : I saw Miyadate drinking tea alone at the terrace of a café.
Miyadate : Abe was doing a Rubik’s Cube looking in a mirror (I wondered if he had become mad by being too intelligent…)
Abe : I became the first Johnny’s to get a weather forecaster diploma!

(in other news I'm currently still not over the Seven Journey perf it's so great ♥♥)
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himaorihimaori on December 12th, 2015 02:29 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for translating.

I was really enjoying when reading this.

Snow Man are so cute. Fukka and Sakuma won the girls this time.

Have you been able to get the ticket for Johnny's World? I read some report that our boys performed V6's Cosmic Rescue.
Motusmotusama on December 12th, 2015 06:42 pm (UTC)
You're welcome \(^o^)/
Yeah they won \o/ To be honest I was surprised about Sakuma, the first stages of the story didn't make him most likely to end with her.

I have bought tickets yeah ♥ (expensive as hell) But the problem currently is that I have no news for my visa so I'm not even sure I'll be able to start working in January haha so yeah _(:3 」∠ )_ (it would be a problem if I had to sell my tickets)

Yeah Cosmic Rescue! I didn't know the song though so I can't really think anything about it /o/ But seems like they're doing percussions during most of it and I wish they had danced instead... :(
himaorihimaori on December 13th, 2015 03:35 am (UTC)
I hope you will get your visa soon. >.<

Oh, so they did percussions for Cosmic Rescue, not dancing?

And they didn't perform ZZL right?
Motusmotusama on December 13th, 2015 09:56 am (UTC)
Well I hope too... thank you ;_;
Yes, maybe they dance a little at the start of the song? but then most of it is percussions. I don't know exactly but from all the reports I saw, people would say what a pity it is that they don't dance during the song...
And yeah no ZZL either D: They dance and do acrobatics a lot during the show but it's too bad that they don't have a main part where they dance and to acrobatics...
chrysiida_tori: abesakuchrysiida_tori on December 13th, 2015 03:45 pm (UTC)
Ohh thank you soo much for translating!

this is sooo cute! I was sooo happy Saku won the giiiirl! *dance around*

I lauged so bad with the answers of the last question XD
Motusmotusama on December 13th, 2015 04:05 pm (UTC)
You're welcome ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
He didn't seem to have the girl's heart at first but he won it by showing a gap moe!! The choice to make Sakuma win was unusual that's cool =D (the choice of Fukka was a bit unusual as well xD)
Yeah I laughed a lot too xD Imagining those situations is so funny. "abe has gone bad from being too intelligent"... xDD
chrysiida_tori: abesakuchrysiida_tori on December 13th, 2015 04:41 pm (UTC)
yes that's true! I really liked they put someone else! ^^
hahahaha yeeeees he's gone bad! XD stop reading Abe kun! the only right answer was Abe's XD
Motusmotusama on December 13th, 2015 04:54 pm (UTC)
I don't remember who had won the girls last time...

If he really can do a rubik's cube looking in a mirror, that's quite amazing though \o/ I'd tell him to keep getting madder on the contrary 8D
Yes usually they don't give that kind of weird answers, what happened to them... xD (but that's funnier)
chrysiida_tori: abesakuchrysiida_tori on December 15th, 2015 09:42 am (UTC)
I don't remember too! XD

hahaha I don't think he is going mad XD just making it more difficult for him! maybe! I don't know :P
I liked those answers to be honest! it's more fun!
Motusmotusama on December 16th, 2015 09:26 pm (UTC)
I could take a look but I don't have the scans right now and my magazine is so so far away... (maybe later)
Yeah I guess he's challenging himself because, you know, doing a rubik's cube the normal way is way too easy
chrysiida_torichrysiida_tori on December 17th, 2015 10:11 am (UTC)
it's ok don't worry ^^

hahahahaha yes! It's easy (for him I can't even put a row with the same color! XD) he needs the challenge! XD
Motusmotusama on December 17th, 2015 10:33 am (UTC)
I took a look and seems like last time there simply wasn't a winner xD The Ayami story ended with a date with Iwamoto (but it didn't seem like she particularly decided on Iwamoto?) and for Aoi she went to France xD (I had forgotten I had thought "oh Fukka you will come to France, very good, I'm waiting for you")

I can't either xDD (well never really tried but)
chrysiida_torichrysiida_tori on December 20th, 2015 10:20 am (UTC)
hahahha oooh! choose Iwamotooooo! no it's ok! leave him for me! XD
Ahhhh my japanese is not so good yet so I can read the magazines I wish I can get there at some point! ^^

I can't understand it! XD everyone who can do it is like a god to me! :P
kikuchii26kikuchii26 on April 24th, 2016 12:40 am (UTC)
"Sakuma: Do not make a defenseless face. Or I’ll kiss you." Omg, why is he like this????
Thank you so much for the translation! I'm always thankful to you for translating Snow Man stuff. <3